Communicate with members

Shep is a bot in Slack, and communicates with team members every day at a set time. Project managers will have access to an overview of the team’s collective status based on its interactions with Shep.

Alert in Slack

Shep will suggest or alert project managers via Slack when key metrics fall outside a pre-determined boundary. It will instantly alert project managers with such metrics without delay.


Complication in code

Shep scans for potential risks in code based on symptoms and conditions pertaining to merge requests such as:

  • Merge requests open for extended periods

  • Merge requests with no updates for extended periods

  • Merge requests merged without discussion

  • Functions that have been subject to many changes

  • Approver or assignee with limited experience in code being addressed

  • Recommended reviewers familiar with the part of code

  • Self-reviewed merge requests without outside approver or assignee

  • Important functions modified many times in the past

  • Risky functions that has bugs fixed

  • Related bug-fix issues

code review

Shep makes static code analysis and shows the results for the following languages.

  • Python

  • C

  • C++

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Ruby

  • JavaScript