Sleeek beta program launches

Innovative way of software development management with insights from codebase, issue management, and communication.

Tokyo — July 10, 2019 – Fixstars(TSE:3687), a global leader in software acceleration service, today introduced Sleeek for smarter code and team management.

Fixstars has provided robust custom software with solid project management for global big brands in manufacturing, automotive, internet and securities companies. Through the client projects, Fixstars has crafted a unique powerful project management assistant tool, Sleeek, that facilitates project managers and engineers harmonized in more natural and smooth ways. Fixstars determined to provide Sleeek widely as a new way of project management, in order to contribute to enhancing productivity of software development and making more projects successful in the world.

 Incremental problems with a teams’ code may force you to remake part of your code or even delay a product release. Sleeek facilitates project managers to better scope potential risk with their codebase quickly. It does so with the help of an artificial intelligence bot called ‘Shep’ who will suggest where to drill down.

Sleeek, connected with your GitLab/GitHub, JIRA and Slack, uniquely visualizes all updates from your repository, commits, pull requests and kanbans by day & by member, with an intuitive dashboard that provides a bird’s eye view.

Aki Asahara, CEO, Fixstars Solutions Inc. commented “We are thrilled to provide our beta version of Sleeek publicly. True issues with your project members are not always shared, even in face-to-face meetings. Slack Bot will nicely communicate with them every day, tastefully probing to figure out the thems’ true status and what they are actually worried about with regards to their project, which should help to minimize your project’s overall risk.”

Sleeek is provided for beta customers who seeks a new efficient way of software development during free trial period that is planned to continue by the end of October 2019.

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