Service Sleeek integrates with


Repository management (must)

GitHub (Apps)

GitLab (Oauth)

Issue Management

GitHub (Apps)

GitLab (Oauth)

JIRA (Apps)

Team Communication



*Sleeek integrates with cloud-base repository management systems and issue management systems. If using such systems on-premise instead, please contact us.


Programming languages Sleeek analyzes



c, C, h, hpp, cc, hh, cxx, hxx, cu, cuh, cl, java, py, php, css, rb, js, go, v, sv, vh, vhd, vhdl, htm, html, cpp, jsx, ts, tsx, vue, kt 

Deep Analysis by Shep

Python, C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript


Our security is compliant with best class in the industry leading security operation on AWS. Please refer to the details in our security page.


Panels & Integration required

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See details of each panel on dashboard page.