1.What is Sleeek

Sleeek is a product that collects/processes data that is unevenly distributed among various tools used in software development projects. It makes autonomous suggestions to engineer managers about which team member may need a follow up and which code segments might cause issues in their projects.

[Connected tool:GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Slack, ...and more]

Data that Sleeek collects/processes is visualized in Sleeek panels; The Sleeek AI bot ‘Shep’ also provides suggestions to software engineering managers.


2.The function of Sleeek

There are two basic functions that Sleeek differentiates itself with. The first one is a panel group that visualizes the current status of your projects in detail from various angles. Another is an AI bot ‘Shep’ that analyzes collected information and provides suggestions to the PM (project manager). The indicators that can be visualized in the panel include the amount of code changes, the amount of code remaining in the main branch, the appearance of project members, and insights.

The AI bot ‘Shep’ presents code quality with comments on a repository management system.


  • How much code have you created? -- Lines of code --

  • Is your work still in the repo? -- Remaining rate of code --

  • How’s each member doing? -- True member status --

  • Has the code been reviewed by both human developers and the AI Shep? -- Comments by merge request --     ...and more

AI bot ‘Shep’:

  • Suggestion for merge request

  • Suggestion for code

  • Communication with members ...and more


  • Add panel

  • Dashboard customization   ...and more

Through these functions, a manager is provided with the current status of the project.


3.Sign up and try

Let's try using Sleeek.
Sleeek is currently in beta with a FREE TRIAL, so please apply here.
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4.Let's complete the setup

Sleeek can be connected with GitLab, GitHub and Slack today with JIRA coming in the near future.
Now that you’re signed up, let's proceed with the integration settings.

The integration methods are as follows.
Connect with GitLab
Connect with GitHub
Connect with Slack
Connect with JIRA