Q. How can I start Sleeek?

A.  Please click and sign up for Sleeek and we will email you with your administrator account information. After accessing the administrator page, please move on to integrating your GitHub/GitLab account with Sleeek, and identify IDs between GitHub/GitLab and .Git on our dashboard. Further instruction for name identification is here. That’s it; you’re ready.

Q. Do you have a free trial period?

A. Yes. Currently we are providing the beta version of Sleeek without a monthly fee. Please sign up from here and enjoy Sleeek as our beta customer.

Q. How long will it take before I feel the benefits of Sleeek?

A. If you use Sleeek everyday, it may take a couple of weeks to feel what Sleeek brings to your project management. We expect that you may not truly feel how much Sleeek can influence your projects  for the better until about a month or so of use. Please refer to Sleeek guide with a variety of use cases.

Q. My company requires a paper contract instead of an agreement to the Terms of Service. Is there one available?

A. Sleeek is usually contracted based on the agreement to our Terms of Service when you sign up. However, if your company requires a paper contract for Sleeek, we will deal with it upon request.

Q. Is there anything I should prepare before using Sleeek?

A. Sleeek is served based on git repository management, GitLab and GitHub at this moment. Unfortunately customers who do not use either of them will not be able to use our service (yet).

While it is optional, if you integrate Sleeek with your issue tracking system, GitLab, GitHub or JIRA, you can see progress and insights of the issues of your projects.

Also one of the features of Sleeek is an AI-assist for managers, which is based on Slack bot. If you use Slack and integrate with Sleeek, you may enjoy most of what Sleeek has to offer.

Last but not least, just implementing Sleeek does not contribute to your project management. We recommend you to merge Sleeek into your business process and communication flow, so that Sleeek would help you most.

Q: What are fee plans?

A. During our beta period, Sleeek is free to use, unless the volume of data exceeds 3GB. We believe that most of our beta customers will not exceed this limit.

Sleeek is supposed to start charging monthly this autumn. Sleeek will email you with the fee plans at least a month prior to the start.

Q. How should I terminate use of Sleeek?

A. Please notice at Contact Us at the footer of our site. Our agent will contact you for the process of termination immediately. Even in the beta period with a free trial, if you do not plan to utilize Sleeek in your team any longer, we highly recommend  that you please contact us.


Q. Are there any countries Sleeek does not support yet?

A. Sleeek is available for customers in any country, as long as  you use cloud-based GitHub/GitLab and agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Security Policy.

Q. I have been utilizing Sleeek for a project. If I would like to utilize Sleeek for another project, how should I move forward?

A. If the project is managed with the same GitLab or GitHub account you have integrated with, you can add another Dashboard from the setting in the left column, then you can choose the project from the Dashboard at the top in our main screen. If you switch to any of your projects at Dashboard, you can overview that project.

On the other hand, if you need to add another project managed under a different repository management account, you need to sign up again with a new account. Please refer to this page for details for adding a new project. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us.  

Q: Will it be only for cloud servers?

A. Yes, Sleeek is integrated with your cloud Git repository, through GitLab/GitHub, and also with JIRA. We do not have a plan to provide for on-premise servers yet.

Q: Can panels be customized in dashboard?

A. Yes. We know each manager has different situations and that what they like to see is varied. Panels can be moved and customized easily.

Q: What kind of panels will be added in the future?

A. We will add more panels useful for managers to overview and panels for alerts.

Also, we will add some for team or team members, so that team will discuss what Sleeek implies.  

Q. How can I know new functions and service of Sleeek?

A. When Sleeek is updated, we will post it to our forum(forums.sleeek.io), as well as notice it on our Sleeek sites. When having a significant update, we may also email you with the news.


Q: What is the minimum integration to start with?

A. Integration with GitHub or GitLab is the minimum to start with. If you integrated with issue management system, like JIRA, GitHub or GitLab, you will see panels regarding issues.

We also recommend you integrate with Slack which will use our Slack bot which gathers TRUE member status.

Q: How do we integrate with GitHub?

A. You just sign-in your GitHub or GitLab account. Sleeek will pull your .Git data and metrics with your members’ IDs.

What we require you to do is to link IDs in .Git with IDs in GitLab/GitHub, as each may use different IDs.


Q. What are the support Sleeek provides to customers?

A. Sleeek is designed to be operated intuitively. We also provide the following information. Please feel free to visit and find what you look for.

Get Started


On Boarding

Contact us

Sleeek Community

Q. Which language in code does Sleeek support?

A. Sleeek will count all lines of code written in C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript.  It is the same for the Top 5 functions panel which will review if the code is modified too much and in Shep’s review of the merge request panel.

Q. Which language can AI assist bot Shep read?

A. Shep can review C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript today. We will add more languages in the future.

System & Security

Q: How secure is Sleeek system?

A. Sleeek is based on AWS and will encrypt the source code clients provide in their Git repositories, JIRA and Slack bot. Storage itself uses Amazon EBS Encription. The analysis server and storage server cannot be accessed by even Sleeek developers.

Fixstars has served for a variety of global manufacturers, like Boeing and Toshiba, who emphasize security of the software development. We keep your data safe based on these same criteria and principles.   

Q. How will Sleeek utilize our codebase I provide through integration?

A. Sleeek keeps your source code secured on AWS by encrypting and decentralizing them. For further information about security, please refer to our security page.

Q. How will our codebase be dealt with after I terminate the subscription of Sleeek?

A. We will put all data on hold for 30 days after the termination or the suspension of our service due to no payment on a due date. After the period, we will completely eliminate all of source codes from our database. We will keep user information with the termination date for a year, and will even eliminate that information after the time period expires.

Uniqueness of Sleeek  

Q: What is Sleeek’s benefit?

A. Sleeek provides three major benefits,

  1. lets you check your latest project status quickly and to follow up with your team members easily.

  2. help check future potential risk, using autonomous code review tools and Slack bot (“How’s it going?”) that monitors team member’s daily conditions.

  3. help facilitate a retrospection of  your project by analyzing your team member’s skill and help set their growth path; it is also useful for 1on1’s and performance review meetings.

Q: Who is suitable to use Sleeek?

A. Sleeek is an assist tool designed for Software development Project managers; we welcome any people engaged in software development, but it is especially useful for lead engineer and Sr. software engineers. It may also be useful for product managers who care for the development side of coding.

Q: Why should I use Sleeek, when using other dashboard tools?

A. Sleeek is differentiated from popular Issue management tool (Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket etc)  and Task management tool (JIRA, Trello, Asana etc) in the market.

Sleeek is connected with these management systems and give summarized metrics and insight from these data.

Q: Why did fixstars develop Sleeek?

A. Fixstars has managed many projects for our clients. Through these projects, we have crafted a unique powerful project management assistant tool, Sleeek, that facilitates project managers and engineers to be harmonized in better and more natural ways.

If you have more question, please visit Sleeek community site.