How to Dashboard customize

Sleeek dashboards can be customized to be easy to use and can be customized to display the metrics that are important to you.

 -Customize function
  1.Rearrange panels
  2.Add panels
  3.Delete panels

Let's explain in order.

1.Rearrange panels

Sleeek dashboard has several panels for visualizing the status of your software development projects.


To rearrange the position of these panels, place the cursor on the edge of the panel, and the following cursor will be displayed.


You can move the panel by dragging with the cursor, so drag and drop anywhere.

2.Add panel

Click this button on the dashboard to add a panel.


Then the following screen will be displayed.


Scroll down to find more panels, so click on the panel you want to display.The panel is then added from the top left of the dashboard.

3.Delete panels

If you want to delete a panel, click the trash button on that panel.

The following screen is displayed. Click yes to delete the panel.


Even if a panel is erased, it is possible to display it again by following the “ADD PANEL” procedure.